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3 minute read | September 20, 2022

A day in the life of: VIOOH’s Operations Research Lead, Carrie

Written By: Emma Motha


Welcome back to our ‘A day in the life of…’ series where we talk to our employees across the globe, to discuss their career paths to date, their roles at VIOOH and top interview tips. 

In this edition, we spoke with Carrie Ward who manages the Data Science team at VIOOH. Carrie shares her insights into the fascinating world of data science, the driving forces behind her career in advertising and how she uses our Friday ‘Your Growth Time’ to develop her skills further by taking an optimisation course.


Carrie-VIOOH1. What’s your role at VIOOH and what does it involve?  
I lead the data science team and we are building VIOOH’s next generation optimisation, forecasting and yield management capabilities within the newly formed Data Products team.

2. What attracted you to join VIOOH? 

Having worked in online video/TV advertising for many years, I was excited to face some new but not completely unfamiliar challenges. What attracted me specifically to VIOOH was the technology and culture. The company is growing and innovating and there is a positive energy and feeling of momentum.

3. What are the driving forces behind your career and why did you go into Data Science?
I have a Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics and my first job happened to be in advertising. This industry is so rich with interesting problems to solve and as an eager problem solver, I have never looked back. I really enjoy building things and seeing them in action. Data science, in particular, is a field that is growing and evolving and is highly varied.


4. Could you tell us about any tools/programmes you are using at the moment that really help you with your role?
We have dedicated time on Friday afternoons for learning and development. It’s a really great benefit and I am currently taking an optimisation course in a graduate programme. Others in my team have commented on using this time for certifications and to set different milestones for themselves. Learning should never stop and it is fantastic to have this dedicated time to develop or refresh knowledge and skills.


5. Can you tell us what you enjoyed most about VIOOH’s recruitment process?
I met with a variety of people from the Product, Engineering, Leadership, and People teams. It was nice to meet so many people to get a sense of the company and culture, and for it to still be a very efficient process. Once I joined VIOOH, I was really impressed with the onboarding process - you go through an introduction to the company, the people, and the different systems that are used alongside other new joiners.  

6. What excites you outside of work? 

Outside of work, I am usually at my allotment or going on walks with my dog.

7. How do you take advantage of the hybrid working model? 

The hybrid working model offers a great balance. I like to go into the office at least one day a week which allows me to connect with the team, collaborate on whiteboards, and concentrate on meetings.  On the other days, I can be at home and focus on my own projects.


8. Any tips for people looking to join VIOOH?

Just do it :)

We’re currently hiring in Carrie’s team, if you would like a job in Product, you can discover more here.


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