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4 minute read | April 7, 2022

A day in the life of: VIOOH’s Partnerships Director, Shamini

Written By: Emma Motha


shamini-pic (1)Welcome to our “Day in the life of” series where we talk to our employees across the globe to discuss their career paths to date, their roles at VIOOH, and their top interview tips. 

In today’s edition, we’ll be speaking with Shamini Moganadhass - a Partnerships Director at VIOOH who covers four markets: Germany, Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand.

1. What’s your role at VIOOH and what does it involve?

As a Partnerships Director, the main part of my role involves being the point of contact for
the accounts I manage and managing relationships with the key stakeholders. Generally, I support my accounts by managing their business needs and being a key partner as they grow with VIOOH.

I also work with several media owners to support their go-to-market strategy to prepare them for their launch with VIOOH. And, I’m part of a working group that is focused around VIOOH’s new programmatic inventory which will soon be integrated into the VIOOH platform. 


2. What attracted you to join VIOOH?

The main thing which drew me to VIOOH was because of the transformation of the digital OOH space - it was so new and exciting. 

My background has generally been in account management and I’ve worked in digital media and programmatic for a few years, so I thought I could bring some valuable experience to VIOOH as I’m interested in new technology and programmatic OOH.

3. What are the driving forces behind your career and why did you go into Account Management?

I actually fell into media straight after university but I ended up really enjoying the vibe of the media world, which led me into educating myself and growing with the industry. 

In particular, I chose the route of Account Management as I like to be the first point of contact for clients, and have relationships with them to clearly understand their business needs and provide them with clear solutions and strategies.


4. Could you tell us about any tools/programmes you are using at the moment that really help you with your role?

Our product portal is a good tool that helps us reference all of our products in one place, which includes internal and external-facing documents, centralising everything. 

I’ve also recently joined the ‘Manager Lab’ programme that our HR Team are running, where they hold dedicated workshops to help with my career development. I’ve found this really useful and it has definitely supported my growth. 


5. Can you tell us what you enjoyed most about VIOOH’s recruitment process?

The people I spoke to and the conversations we had were so easy and relatable. I specifically remember my interview with my manager, she made me feel so comfortable, and we even spent the first ten minutes talking about food! 

I also had met with people from other teams on a 1-1 basis, which gave me a different perspective from each person and I got to know their personalities, which gave me the opportunity to really understand the culture. I felt like they weren’t just interviewing me, I was almost ‘interviewing’ them as I got to know them too and saw if I was right for the company.  

So my tip is; just be yourself. VIOOH’s got a great supportive, inclusive culture and everyone is so friendly at VIOOH, so don’t hesitate to ask any questions or ask for help.


6. What excites you outside of work?

I really enjoy travelling - I used to try and book a trip at least once a month! I also love to dance and anything music-related - including songwriting which I do in my spare time.

7. What is your favourite perk at VIOOH you’re currently using?

The Calm app and the Bupa cash-plan, which I’ve recently joined, so I can get reimbursed for dental and other appointments.


8. How do you take advantage of the hybrid working model?

The hybrid model at VIOOH has given me much more flexibility to fit more things into my day, for example, if I want to attend a fitness class during lunchtime, or attend an appointment which generally is harder to get outside of work hours. 

Additionally, when I'm visiting a client in another country, the hybrid model gives me the flexibility to extend my time there and the opportunity to work from that city - which is a great change of scene and means I get to see more of the countries I'm working with!


We’re currently hiring in Shamini’s team, if you would like a job in Account Management, you can discover more here

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