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6 minute read | June 7, 2023

Partner Spotlight: Blindspot

Written By: Emma Motha

image2-2In this month's partner spotlight, we caught up with Matei Psatta, Co-founder and CMO at Blindspot, a self service DSP. Read the blog below to learn about their company, their high profile clients and exciting upcoming projects that include work in 3D.

1. Tell us a little about your company and your job role

Blindspot is a uniquely positioned self-service DSP working with over 10,000 advertisers, from high profile names such as Snoop Dogg, Rihanna, Airbnb, American Airlines, P&G, TikTok to startups and small & medium businesses looking to access digital out-of-home as a new marketing channel. Our platform excels at geo-targeting precise locations and picking specific hourly slots instead of running traditional “spray & pray” campaigns. 

My role is to make marketers aware of the Blindspot platform and show them why our way of adding Digital Out of Home to the mix is the right choice. We obviously have a ton of examples of what works, but our crowning achievement is that a billboard campaign we did  a few years ago is still the most upvoted post in the history of Reddit. I guess we’re doing something right! 

2. What’s it like working with VIOOH as a partner?

VIOOH is one of the most technologically advanced partners we’ve had the pleasure of working with. They truly understand what it means to add tech to Digital Out of Home in order to make it more accessible, not more complicated. 

Great team of professionals, it’s always easy to find an answer for any potential question and if there’s ever an issue, it gets solved in record time. I can confidently say every industry should wish they had more companies like VIOOH representing them. 

3. What’s great about our platform?

Personally, I’m a huge fan of differentiated hourly impressions, which is not as popular in the industry as it deserves to be. But we’re slowly getting there. 

The ease of understanding, and I mean truly understanding, the specifics of the inventory is also extremely important. When you get new clients that want to try out DOOH for the first time, it’s important to be able to properly present updated inventory. 

We’ve had to struggle with this in the past, but VIOOH has always been stellar in this regard. 

4. Are there any exciting projects in the pipeline that you can share with us?

Definitely - we’re seeing more and more e-commerce companies truly include digital out-of-home as part of their marketing strategy, with a clear eye on ROI and how it impacts the overall user funnel. 

3D is also a trending topic, as you all know, so we’ll probably be talking about a very interesting campaign sooner rather than later! 

5. What can we look forward to seeing in 2023? 

Just like almost everyone out there, we’re excited about AI! However, we’re taking a truly novel approach to it and we’ll be launching an interesting demo in just a few weeks. 

It’s not something that’s going to take over all our jobs just yet, but it’s definitely going to make our life easier and our clients’ lives more comfortable. Stay tuned! 

You can learn more about Blindspot by visiting their website here.

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