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3 minute read | May 23, 2022

Partner Spotlight: Meet Media Frankfurt

Written By: Emma Motha


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In April, we announced our new partnership with Germany's number one advertising platform in the aviation sector, Media Frankfurt.  This new partnership allows more advertisers to create high-impact, data-driven digital OOH campaigns across Germany’s largest airport.

To gain a deeper insight into why Media Frankfurt chose to adopt programmatic trading, what type of brands are interested in their inventory at the moment, and their predictions for the future of digital OOH, we sat down with the Managing Director at Media Frankfurt, Martin Korosec.


1. Why has Media Frankfurt chosen to adopt programmatic and how do you envision selling this way will benefit your business?

We expect a significant boost in sales from our new programmatic digital OOH offering (pDOOH). Due to the proven reach and target group benefits, pDOOH is therefore going to be a big focus for us and will be given a greater weight at our airport.

On our platform, we know our passengers and their routes precisely and we sell our digital inventory impression-based.  This gives our clients more confidence in what we are delivering and is ideal for programmatic advertising. 


2. As a media owner, what benefits do you hope to see from programmatic selling?

Programmatic advertising plays an important part in omnichannel and multichannel campaigns. Therefore, our new programmatic offering will create higher demand for our inventory as a result of now being able to be part of these omnichannel and multichannel campaigns. 

Additionally, our media buyers are now able to book  more easily  and efficiently,  and we have also become more attractive to performance agencies - this will all increase demand opportunities for us too


3. What challenges did you experience getting it off the ground and how has that effort paid off for Media Frankfurt?

We have learned a huge amount about how programmatic advertising works and VIOOH has given us excellent support. This includes understanding how to position our digital inventory the best way in the market and transferring this knowledge into our organisation. Now, we can provide our customers with comprehensive advice on how to make the most out of programmatic OOH advertising for their brand.


4. What type of brands are interested in your inventory and have there been any changes or trends in demand recently?

Our customers come from very different industries - they range from banking and finance to luxury brands and travel advertising. The two main target groups our clients are looking for are either business travellers to reach them with B2B advertising or our affluent, high-spending, international target groups that are often desired by luxury brands. 


5. What are you most excited about with the VIOOH partnership?

We are both part of the JCDecaux network, so we had an easy and open cooperation from the start. We were very well supported in the run-up to the product launch and had access to VIOOH's network of DSPs and agencies. 

From training to technical implementation and positioning in the market, it has been a successful collaboration and we look forward to seeing the exciting campaigns to come from this new partnership.


6. As a media owner, what are your predictions for the future of digital out of home in the next couple of years? And where does programmatic fit in?

I predict that DOOH and programmatic advertising will become even more important in the “post cookie” era and contextual targeting will continue to become an important topic for more advertisers. 

At Media Frankfurt, we can deliver an inspiring and very special environment for every brand: an airport, where people are open-minded before or after their travel journey. And the opportunities for digital advertising will continue to grow here at Frankfurt airport-  as when the new Terminal 3 opens in 2026, there will only be digital advertising space available.


Discover more about Media Frankfurt by visiting their website here. 

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