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2 minute read | May 7, 2021

Programmatic Out of Home powers electric cars and coffee in award-winning campaigns

Written By: Helen Miall

Programmatic Out of Home powers electric cars and coffee in award-winning campaigns

VIOOH has won two awards at the recent Campaign Tech Awards, for our work on campaigns for Nespresso and Renault. The awards showcase how technology can drive outstanding creativity, when brands, creatives and tech companies join forces and honour the disrupters and pioneers within the creative tech world, who are genuinely reshaping the industry.

The first campaign win, for the Best Use of Tech in OOH, was for Renault ZOE. Working with JCDecaux Belgium, OMD, Outsight and Outmoove, the campaign was designed to promote the ZOE having zero tailpipe emissions, using real-time air quality data in Brussels and Liège as the basis for dynamic creative messaging to reach Renault’s target audiences. These messages were shown on digital outdoor screens lining busy driver routes that used real-time data from air pollution sensors close to the screens. The screens displayed local pollution levels as on a sliding scale between yellow, orange and red, followed by an ad for the ZOE.

Not only did this place the ZOE top of mind for the future of emission-free motoring, but the campaign also gave Renault greater optimisation on their spend, as ad impressions were triggered only when the air quality measured at the nearest weather station was poor. The work also led to a 144% increase in Google searches for the term “ZOE” and is calculated to be 26 times more efficient in delivery and relevance compared to how a direct-purchase DOOH campaign would have performed.

The second campaign win, for the Best Use of Tech as part of a Retail Campaign, was for Nespresso. In order to better predict peaks and troughs, VIOOH worked with JCDecaux UK, The Cloud and Compass, StoreBoost and Scoota to build a programmatic outdoor campaign that encouraged footfall to stores at quieter times. 

The coffee pod brand is known for investing in premium, shopping centre locations surrounded by household-name brands, but usually this means having to accept an unreliable and sometimes unpredictable ebb and flow of customer footfall. Live footfall sensors were installed throughout the shopping centre and integrated into the StoreBoost demand-side platform, and data from the sensors actioned real-time buying triggers set up to optimise spend, audience and location. When certain triggers were hit, the creative would be automatically displayed on JCDecaux DOOH screens in close proximity to a Nespresso store at Westfield shopping centre London. Creative messages were designed to be contextually relevant to hit potential customers when they would be most receptive to an ad. It led to an increase in sales of all products up on average +19.5%, with brand awareness and purchase intent up 13% and 9% respectively. The campaign return on investment was five times the total investment, and saw a significant decrease in customer-footfall dips throughout the day.

“Working together with our partners to help these iconic brands connect with audiences in more flexible and impactful ways that drove tangible results, we were delighted to win not just one but two Campaign Tech Awards”, commented Jean-Christophe Conti, CEO at VIOOH. ”This recognition demonstrates the innovation that is driving change in the out-of-home sector, enabling advertisers to make more meaningful connections with their audiences and react to ever-changing conditions, in a broadcast and brand-safe environment. We look forward to continuing to change the conversation about out-of-home.”

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