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3 minute read | May 2, 2023

Realising your potential at VIOOH

Written By: Liz Dowling

At VIOOH we are continuously learning, sharing and embracing change as we transform the out-of-home advertising sector. With a diverse and curious workforce, it’s essential that our learning initiatives enable VIOOHers to learn at their pace in alignment with their career goals and our company ambition.

Our learning agenda, branded Your Growth, was co-created with VIOOHers to deliver an inclusive and flexible programme that provides choice and opportunity for everyone to develop life, personal and professional skills.

Below are the core elements of learning and development at VIOOH:

Dedicated time to learn

  • Weekly: Every Friday afternoon is meeting free and dedicated time so VIOOHers can focus on their development. 
  • Quarterly: We host all-company workshops that  enable us to learn new skills or redesign how we work through elevating our hybrid model.
  • Annual: We are committed to levelling up our organisational knowledge as we scale, so take time to complete regular training that helps us to drive equity and inclusivity across the business. 

“Every Friday afternoon we are given focus time dedicated to personal growth, interest areas, projects or admin we haven’t gotten round to. I absolutely love this incentive, and I'm currently focusing on my public speaking skills (not something I am hugely confident in) and the art of being more assertive and navigating difficult conversations, personally and professionally.” Laura Davies, Technical Solutions Manager at VIOOH.

Investment in learning resources and marketplace 

  • Learnerbly is a marketplace with books, coaches, conferences, courses, podcasts and more. VIOOHers can access the right resources and content in the format best suited to learning style and pace. 
  • ‘Your Growth Fund’ which provides our employees up to £3,000 to help fund qualifications, skills development or fees for membership bodies, giving employees the chance to continuously develop themselves.
  • In 2022, we implemented VIOOH's Learning Management System to design, deliver, gamify and track on-demand organisational knowledge which is essential to providing a great onboarding experience as we scale. All VIOOHers are expected to complete four compulsory courses focused on ESG topics such as gender equality, to understand the impact that we can all make on driving global change.

“Having access to relevant courses and content within the same platform is great. I am currently learning photoshop and sign language, both of which are developing my professional and personal skills.” Emma Motha, Marketing and Communications Executive at VIOOH. 

Our future

  • To develop our next generation of leaders, we have partnered with The Coach House who run a 12 month programme with cohorts of managers to develop their coaching and leadership skills. 
  • VIOOH’s career framework enables VIOOHers to plan their long term career goals and identify future opportunities. Our internal mobility programme ensures that we promote from within and in 2022, 20% of VIOOHers were promoted!
  • We never stop learning! Half (50%) of our Leadership team are being mentored by VIOOHers on topics such as gender, ethnicity, religion and long term disabilities. This has forged relationships across the business and also led to many of the mentors having the opportunity to share their lived experiences to drive positive changes.

“Since rejoining [VIOOH, having spent nine months at another company], I have enjoyed the opportunities to grow as a person and a professional alike. Manager Lab was another reason why I decided to come back [to VIOOH]. Most companies do not provide managers with any kind of training but this is not the case here. I have learnt a lot during our sessions together and  it's really made a difference in my career!” Georgios Karametas, Engineering Manager at VIOOH

Over the past year, our turnover is at an all time low of 15%, our Glassdoor score increased to 4.6 and in our most recent employee experience survey our average engagement score was 93% - 18% above the industry benchmark.

We’re continuously committed to driving excellence and supporting each of our VIOOHers through their time here at VIOOH by making it a great place to work, where everyone can fulfil their potential to achieve their goals.

We’re currently hiring for multiple roles across departments and locations, visit our careers page at to learn more about our latest vacancies. If you can’t find the right role for you, you can send us your CV to and we’ll get in touch when something becomes available. 

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