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2 minute read | September 29, 2020

Renault ZOE: Real time environmental data driving dynamic media decisions

Written By: Emma Motha

Renowned French car manufacturer Renault is a leader in electric vehicles (EVs) and is the best performing brand in Europe in EV sales with 23.6% of the market share. Having launched their initial EV range in 2011, for the latest iteration of their best-selling ZOE released earlier this year, they truly wanted to make an impact and get the attention of drivers and the public alike.

To support the launch, we worked with Renault, JCDecaux and OMD to develop a truly ground-breaking campaign using data capabilities to raise awareness of the new model and create impactful and dynamic creative to demonstrate the ZOE’s unique innovations.

To demonstrate the power of real-time data in programmatic OOH the campaign used live metrics from the Air Quality Index to create contextual relevance for every single ad play. Powered by the VIOOH programmatic platform, and working in collaboration with IRCELINE (the Belgian Environmental Agency) and the demand side platform (DSP) OutMoove, the campaign used real-time air quality data for the Belgian cities of Brussels and Liège to determine when inventory should be bought and the appropriate dynamic creative that would be displayed to Renault’s target audiences.

The campaign was displayed on digital street screens lining busy driver routes around Brussels and Liège, using real-time data from air pollution sensors close to the digital OOH placements integrated by OutMoove. The pollution levels were displayed on a sliding scale between yellow, orange and red to demonstrate the current level around the area, with the air pollution sensors triggering three different versions of the creative executions based on the data. Audiences were then presented with an ad for the ZOE.

Below, you'll find our Renault ZOE campaign summary, where you can truly see the impact of real-time environmental data driving dynamic media decisions in programmatic OOH.


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