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3 minute read | December 18, 2023

The Future of Out-of-Home Planning

Written By: Benoit Vidal

Back in 2021, I shared my belief in a future where brands don’t want to rely on individual tracking brought by online advertising and its pitfalls, and how it will unlock unprecedented possibilities for out-of-home (OOH). 

Since then, we’ve been investing in location intelligence, and research in data science, and we have embraced the cookie-free world. We now stand at the forefront, leading the way into a future where intelligent planning defines success.

So how have we done it and why should you care? 

As prDOOH advertising continues its meteoric rise, the need for innovative and efficient planning tools has never been more crucial. In a landscape where specificity in briefs is becoming the norm, VIOOH's brand new planning enhancements within our VIOOH Trading Manager platform promise to redefine how media owners engage with their inventory, enrich their planning with data, and optimise revenue portfolios.


  1. Explore inventory: a map-based revolution

VIOOH's new map-based user experience will provide media owners with interactive campaign visualisations, offering real-time availability and the option to layer audience demographics, interests, brand affinities, and location data.

The map-based user experience provides a visual feast, allowing media owners to fully interact with their inventory availability in real time. From millions of data points displayed with dynamic tiling, to a seamless continuum between street furniture and indoor environments thanks to indoor mapping, we truly believe this new interface will be a game changer for our clients, offering a completely new dynamic way to answer media briefs and plans.


  1. Enrich with data: a fusion of intelligence

VIOOH's planning enhancements enable media owners to enrich their planning with data targeting, e.g. segments and millions of Points of Interest. This intuitive functionality empowers advertisers to target specific audiences, ensuring they are seen by the right consumers, on the right screens, at the right time. “Geography is the new cookie”, and we are now giving the capabilities to understand the distribution of such data by visually filtering based on hourly-level indices with heatmap and on location radius.


We come from a low data targeting world where we couldn’t fully optimize allocation and supply opportunities, and therefore couldn’t attract, or retain, the long tail of online targeted campaigns, to a world where more campaigns can flow in, with an overall better supply distribution. This is thanks to our VIOOH Allocation Engine, taking this enriched data and identifying the most suitable solutions to fulfil a brief, ensuring maximum portfolio occupancy. 


  1. Optimise revenue: the power of decision

With global spending on Programmatic Digital OOH (prDOOH) expected to surge by 31% this year, the pressure on media owners to deliver the best possible results has never been higher. VIOOH's planning enhancements simplify the complexities of allocating multiple campaigns in seconds, ensuring premium inventory works tirelessly to provide the best possible return for advertisers.


This is a leap towards creating the future of out-of-home trading. We’ve already seen how intuitive the planning functionality is for our pilot markets using the planning tool and media owners can quickly plan for even the most targeted brief with ease. This next evolution helps to enrich media planning with data and audience-based targeting and elevate campaigns using cutting-edge allocation techniques, paving the floor for yield management. With millions of parameters to consider, our VIOOH Allocation Engine will define the optimal selection for each deal, respecting each of their objectives, while maximising the overall portfolio (aka digital OOH screen) occupancy and revenue for sellers, and forecasting future demand. 

We are now only one stop away from opening the intricate OOH Landscape to the online world and building this bridge with the Media Data Cloud: cross-channel targeting and measurement are next! 

Stay tuned for the unveiling of VIOOH's intelligent programmatic OOH planning enhancements, when the future of out-of-home trading will come to life.

Benoit Vidal is Director, Data Products and Partnerships at VIOOH. For more information visit:



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