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4 minute read | May 9, 2024

Making VIOOH a great place to work

Written By: Laura Davies

Being a great place to work is a goal of many businesses, but that is easier said than done. As a working mum, juggling the pressures of life and work are hard. After extending my maternity leave, I felt that local part time jobs were the only option.

I joined VIOOH in August 2022 and today,  I feel more confident, motivated and supported than ever before. The company has genuinely helped me thrive and succeed both at work and at home.

Successful hybrid working

VIOOH is home to digital and programmatic tech experts who are transforming the out-of-home advertising sector. Since launching in 2018, it has helped modernise the digital out-of-home industry, created a successful hybrid working model, and scaled the company globally. 

As a team, VIOOHers are continuously committed to driving excellence and supporting each other. We have co-created a great place to work, where everyone can fulfil their potential and achieve their goals. This truly is an inclusive, safe and people-first space where  employee experience is at the core of everything we do. 

I am proud to see our culture celebrated in two recent wins from the Digiday WorkLife Awards - Best Hybrid Work Environment awarded to the employer who has best maintained their company culture in a hybrid work environment, and Best Employer for Parents, for the employer who has proven to be the most accommodating and flexible for working parents.

Every single person across the business from the CEO to the most junior team member embodies the VIOOH culture and ethos. It’s truly a place of respect, collaboration and support. 

Your health, wealth, happiness & growth

In November 2020, every VIOOHer helped to design our benefits. The aim was to focus on total wellbeing - mind, body and soul - taking care of every aspect of your experience while working at the company. 

There are a number of benefits offered at VIOOH which have helped me achieve a manageable and rewarding work/life balance and the many demands on my time as a working mother. These include:


1. Hybrid working 

VIOOH is a hybrid and flexible workplace. We can work in the office and from home, empowering all VIOOHers to thrive, regardless of location and support our global expansion.

I love having time to take walking meetings, such as the company all-hands. It gives me time to digest all the information rather than being distracted on my laptop, multi-tasking or not giving my full attention to the meeting.

It’s also great to have the opportunity to be able to balance being physically fit and mentally fit, and using my hybrid working environment to focus on being active too. It’s guilt-free time away from my laptop.


2. Vitality Private Medical Insurance 

With the new private medical insurance that VIOOH provides to employees, I have been able to track my fitness goals with perks such as the Apple Watch. My new watch regularly nudges me to get moving or stand up, which has encouraged me to become more active. It also allows me to compete with other VIOOHers. They’re a competitive bunch that’s for sure - which means I’m always keen to keep my steps high! 


3. Medicash 

This is a new benefit which allows VIOOHers to claim back everyday healthcare costs including dentist, optician, physiotherapy and even medical consultancy charges. It also supplies access to wellbeing tools and services to reimburse out of pocket payments for appointments.

This means I can claim back the cost of dental bills or new glasses, access a wide range of therapy treatments, private specialist consultations and virtual GP consultations. The cover even extends to my son up to his 24th birthday if he is still in full time education.

It’s been a huge cost saving for me as I now get access to a chiropractor which is really helping relieve lifelong symptoms I often experience after being in a car accident when I was younger.


4. VIOOHer wellbeing day 

VIOOHers can take up an additional day of annual leave specifically for their wellbeing. Feeling free to take time out to focus on my mental and physical health without the pressures of tapping into my annual leave has been a real relief.

I’ve used my wellbeing time to commemorate my late friend and used the day to go hiking, transforming what was an upsetting point in the year and turning it into a day of reflection.


5. Parents @ VIOOH 

Like all parents, having the opportunity to work in a flexible working environment helps reduce the stress of managing childcare. From picking up my children from school to days they’re unwell or on school holidays. For me, this has been a useful benefit as I often need the flexibility to attend hospital appointments with my son. 

I also use the flexibility to work outside of core working hours, if I’ve taken time during the day and need to catch up on tasks or finish a project. This helps me stay on top of my workload and keep the quality to a high standard. It all fits really well around the life I want to create for myself and my family.  

Other great benefits include 'Your Growth' time - every Friday afternoon is meeting free and dedicated to VIOOHer development. VIOOH also offers private medical insurance from Vitality, free subscription with the Headspace app, support for caring, menopause, men's health and bereavement and early finish Fridays.

Investing in everyone’s development, wellbeing and knowledge is  a top priority at VIOOH. Committed to hybrid working, collaboration and celebration this is definitely an inclusive, safe and people-first space – and without a doubt a great place to work!

Laura Davies is Technical Solutions Manager at VIOOH. For more information visit:

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