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3 minute read | January 25, 2021

Changing the Conversation (about OOH)

Written By: Helen Miall

A brand is more than just the logo and colour palette - it should be grounded in the company’s core promise and points of difference, supported by carefully considered pillars and personality. The whole brand together provides a value that is greater than the sum of the parts, and long-term business value can be created by a strong brand, where customer preference creates an emotional connection that transcends the functional benefits of the product.

Brands can also, and probably should, evolve over time. Companies grow, audiences change, technology advances. In today’s world, it’s clear that brands must be agile enough to flex with the times, particularly given the acceleration of digital transformation that COVID-19 has brought about in business.

There is always the possibility when a new CMO joins a company that they will review the brand relatively soon after joining.It stands to reason, therefore, that the ability to look at a brand with fresh eyes brings the opportunity to dial up (or down) certain aspects of the existing branding, refine a point of difference and clearly position the brand for the next phase of its journey. 

Today, VIOOH launched a new brand positioning, centered around a promise of “changing the conversation”. Out of Home(OOH) as a medium is often referred to as the oldest form of advertising, tracing its origins back to the earliest Egyptian civilizations thousands of years ago. In contrast, programmatic trading in media is relatively new (the first online programmatic ad went live in 1994), and programmatic is newer still when applied to OOH. Recently, these two worlds have been converging, and VIOOH sits at the heart of this convergence.

We know the power of out of home advertising. It creates impact, generates conversations, and gives credibility. But in today’s fast moving, personalised and digital world, it needs to work harder to be relevant and inspiring. We are leading that change, helping to transform OOH to be even more responsive, supporting brands to make deeper connections with consumers and enabling media owners to become more relevant. 

Through intelligent technology and smart people, we help media owners, agencies and brands to maximise the potential of out of home. We connect buyers and owners, campaigns and inventory. We give the flexibility to continually optimise messaging, allow them to be pivoted, paused, and personalised at a moment’s notice. We help advertising to be more creative, more influential and more cost effective. We make planning more efficient, highlighting what is available at any time, and make scheduling more accurate and flexible. 

We’re continually creating new and better ways. And we help to shape the industry itself, creating the standards and protocols that will define a new world of OOH. Simply put, we’re changing the conversation about OOH. For media owners, we’re driving change by using the latest programmatic technology and automation to simplify trading, boost demand and maximise digital adoption. For buyers, we’re helping them push the boundaries, to seamlessly integrate consumer insights and programmatic OOH into omni-channel campaigns, to create unified and effective brand experiences, with the flexibility to update and optimise OOH campaigns in a matter of seconds.

We figure that if you want people to change the existing conversations and established ways of buying and selling OOH media, you need to mix things up a little. You might find some of our new VIOOH visuals a bit surprising - our hero imagery is designed to be one of the most recognisable and engaging parts of our brand. It is striking, thoughtful, and quirky. It always works hard to represent our brand promise of changing the conversation, by using unexpected object combinations to create striking and playful visuals that speak of change and progress. Our colour palette has also brightened up, providing energy and warmth that, whilst grounded in a professional navy, gives a nod towards our more unconventional and human personality traits.

We love being leaders in such a fast-moving, dynamic sector and we hope you will join us in “changing the conversation” about OOH.


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