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4 minute read | March 18, 2021

Delivering Digital OOH Excellence

Written By: Helen Miall

At VIOOH, our people work hard everyday to deliver high quality work and successful campaigns for our partners and advertising clients. It's intrinsic to our company and represented in our culture and values, which include integrity, customer centricity and making it happen. While never expected, it’s always delightful to hear that our hard work has been recognised. With this in mind, we’re honoured to kick off awards season with three campaigns shortlisted for The Drum Awards - Digital Advertising in 2021, showcasing the very best work across the industry.

A global awards programme, The Drum Awards recognises, celebrates and gives recognition to brilliant work from across the advertising industry, exhibiting the benefits and value achieved when creativity and technology come together effectively in digital advertising. 

The first campaign shortlisted, for the Best Use of Digital OOH, is for Renault ZOE. This campaign demonstrated the power of using real-time air pollution data to programmatically display pollution levels around the cities of Brussels and Liѐge utilising VIOOH’s market-leading digital out of home (DOOH) marketplace. 

This campaign led to a 144% increase in Google searches for the term “ZOE”, the programmatic OOH campaign was 26x more efficient in delivery and relevance, and the campaign gained 37x more relevance when it was displayed, eliminating wastage by not being shown when the air quality was not poor enough to trigger the ads. This groundbreaking campaign demonstrated the benefits of optimising DOOH spend to reach key audiences at specific times of time day and in certain locations, while emphasising the product’s environmental benefits, in this case the car’s eco-friendly credentials. 

Our second shortlisted award nomination is for Auto.NL, a campaign which extolled the benefits of purchasing a car rather than travelling on public transport, when it was less desirable due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Auto.NL used the VIOOH programmatic platform to target audiences through digital OOH screens around busy metro stations in Amsterdam. Viewers were then directed to an interactive DOOH screen where they were able to purchase a car directly. 

Just €17,000 was invested into this interactive campaign which included the build of the interactive digital OOH screen, creation and support of the campaign, and supporting video marketing material. estimated it generated an incredible estimated €200,000 in value through PR coverage. By executing this media campaign with VIOOH and 24AM, benefited from a 1176% boost in media value on their campaign, exemplifying the power of programmatic digital OOH and the use of interactive digital OOH. To break it down simply, every euro spent became worth 11 times more. The results of this campaign completely fulfilled the objective of raising brand awareness, and we were delighted to be able to help produce such an impactful result.

Our final campaign shortlisted was Nespresso, in the Retail, E-commerce and Consumer Goods category. This campaign drove visitors into stores using dynamic creative and programmatic DOOH. Nespresso wanted to stabilise in-store visitor numbers throughout the day. They utilised dynamic creative opportunities adapting campaign creatives to maximise executions focusing on short queue times, unbeatable prices on offers, and a time-trigger to greet visitors when they would be most receptive to the messaging, all automated and triggered by real-time footfall data.

The use of the Digital Doorman stabilised visitors to the store throughout the day, with brand metrics, footfall and sales all experiencing a significant uplift during the campaign. Sales of all products were up on average +19.5%, with brand awareness and purchase intent up 13% and 9% respectively. The campaign return on investment was five times the total investment. A huge return and the campaign highlights a truly revolutionary way for retailers to work with programatically-traded OOH.

These shortlisted case studies show the impact of programmatic DOOH and how it can add value to advertising campaigns by being transparent, optimised and responsive. 

Programmatic DOOH also allows advertisers to integrate campaigns across channels, rather than being reliant on a single route to market. Using this campaign strategy, advertisers have the ability to take advantage of these cross-channel strategies to influence consumers in the lead-up to their purchase. 

Programmatically traded DOOH is now a serious contender for ad spend, and our flexible, efficient and measurable platform is enabling more advertisers than ever before to include OOH in their programmatic budgets. VIOOH connects OOH and digital advertising to create brand experiences and meaningful outcomes for brands. Don’t take our word for it - check out the The Drum Awards shortlist... 

Helen Miall is Chief Marketing Officer at VIOOH. For more information visit:

View the full list of nominees here. The The Drum Awards - Digital Advertising in 2021 winners will be announced at an online ceremony on Thursday 25 March. 


Renault ZOE special thanks to:

Hugo Burban, Account Director, VIOOH
Diu Hoang, Marketing Manager EMEA, VIOOH

Philippe Buyle, Head of Digital, JCDecaux

Koenraad Buekens, Managing Director, OMD

Jos can Campenhout, CEO, Outsight

Catherine Closset, Marcom Manager Belux, Renault


Auto.NL special thanks to:

Martine Hammink, Creative Lead, 24AM

Marc van Amerongan, Marketing Manager, JCDecaux

Marc Bergers, Digital Lead, JCDecaux 

Shamini Moganadhass, Account Director, VIOOH
Diu Hoang, Marketing Manager EMEA, VIOOH 

Tim Markestein, Head of Client Success, Sage + Archer

Phil Vonk, Brand Manager,

Sjoerd van der Meijden, Director Sales & Business Development, [M]media


Nespresso special thanks to:

Dan Douglas, Co-Founder, Storeboost Retail / The Cloud and Compass

Oli Bishop, Account Manager, DSP Partnerships, VIOOH
Diu Hoang, Marketing Manager EMEA, VIOOH

Dom Kozak, Associate Director, JCDecaux

Ali Noble, Retail Marketing Specialist, Nespresso UK

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