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3 minute read | February 26, 2024

Double win for VIOOH at Digiday WorkLife Awards

Written By: Helen Miall

Monday 26th February 2024 - VIOOH, the leading premium global digital out of (DOOH) home supply-side platform, has won two prestigious accolades at the 2023 Digiday WorkLife Awards. These included the Best Hybrid Work Environment awarded to the employer who has best maintained their company culture in a hybrid work environment, and Best Employer for Parents, for the employer who has proven to be the most accommodating and flexible for working parents.

The awards recognise organisations that foster a growth mindset, continuous learning and creativity while prioritising employees’ mental and physical well-being. This year’s winners exemplified companies that strive to build cultures centred around an established work life balance.

“VIOOH’s values-led culture is based on integrity, teamwork, courage and customer-centricity. Together we have co-created every stage of our employees’ journey, following our annual employee feedback survey, and ensure everyone’s voice is heard. Company culture has never been more important as businesses look to attract and retain the best talent. Employees expect more than in-office perks; they want flexible, inclusive work environments that promote work-life balance,” said Liz Dowling is Chief People Officer at VIOOH.

“We’re proud and delighted to have been recognised twice at the 2023 Digiday Worklife Awards, it’s a testament to the hard work, collaboration and thriving culture at VIOOH. Our number one goal is to be a great place to work and respected award wins like this highlight our success in achieving this goal brilliantly.”

Best Employer for Parents 

With only 24% of women in the U.K. returning to work full-time after having children and 79% of that group leaving due to not being able to maintain a full-time role while parenting, VIOOH wanted its employees to be able to achieve their personal and professional dreams. 

The company’s hybrid model supports new parents in many ways, including requests for flexible, compressed or reduced work hours. Additionally, the company is committed to parental leave policies that provide more equitable support. VIOOH’s groundbreaking Parents@VIOOH initiative challenges gender norms with enhanced benefits offering full pay for primary and secondary caregivers, shared parental leave and a return-to-work bonus. 

This gender-neutral policy ensures all families are treated equally and includes adoption or surrogacy leave. 

Best Hybrid Work Environment

VIOOH places employee experience and happiness above all else. Its hybrid model was designed as an inclusive, safe and people-first place for all to attract, develop and retain brilliant and diverse talent. VIOOH knows providing a personalised and flexible environment is critical, and it’s led the company to increase direct hires by 25%, reduce time-to-hire to 30 days and increased number of employee referrals.. 

Since 2020, VIOOH has implemented numerous initiatives, from ‘Future VIOOH Sessions’ — a series of virtual, all company off-sites to move toward developing a futureproof model — and ‘Connected Days’ for teams to gather in the office to plan, collaborate and bond. Most recently, VIOOH Week was launched - an annual offsite for all employees from all offices to together in one location to share, connect, learn and create.

VIOOH’s commitment to a people-first approach drove remarkable outcomes, including an increased Glassdoor score, 96% of employees agreeing the hybrid model has improved their work-life balance, 93% saying they’re proud to work for the company and a retention rate of 94%.

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