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6 minute read | May 5, 2021

How programmatic OOH works with mobile to enhance and supercharge campaigns

Written By: Diu Hoang

Buying and planning digital out-of-home is more accessible than ever: inventory is sold on the same DSP platforms as other digital media channels, bringing with that some great opportunities for brands. 

The same audience data sets can be used across different channels, creating greater accuracies and synergies than ever before. Most obvious is utilising mobile audience data in tandem with digital out-of-home, enabling a plethora of campaign efficiencies to be unlocked. With mobile datasets cross-referenced with location-based data, advertisers could track whether a user has visited a specific location or taken an action on their mobile after being exposed to an OOH ad. 

And the research supports the added value of using mobile and OOH together:

  • Eye-tracking researchers found there was a 52% increase in the time spent looking at the private screen (mobile) when there had been ‘priming’ on a public screen, boosting dwell time. 
  • Spontaneous brand recall also increases to 21% when exposed to both OOH and mobile.
  • Research conducted by Outsmart showed a 17% uplift in smartphone brand actions when the user is exposed to the OOH ad first.

Add programmatic out-of-home (prOOH) into the equation and the capabilities kick up a notch further. Programmatic out-of-home, with its high-impact broadcast screens, trigger-based creatives and maximum targeting and flexibility capabilities is the perfect partner for mobile - and these two mediums can work together in harmony to create the ultimate brand experience. 

Mobile and prOOH working together in practice

Depending on where the datasets are integrated - pre, mid or post-campaign, mobile and prOOH together can create supercharged campaigns with unique efficiencies and benefits due the way the data works together. 

Pre-campaign, mobile data can be used for planning and audience segmentation. Depending on the mobile provider, data points such as demographics and specific interests can be determined via downloaded apps on the user’s phone and other mobile usage information (assuming that user has given permission for their data to shared). A prOOH campaign can then be planned to target a specific audience group, delivered when mobile users are in close proximity to the frame. We saw this work successfully in our campaign with Sony Playstation Belgium for their latest game release, Ghost of Tsushima, where mobile IDs identified as console gamers were targeted via smart prOOH placements. The results speak for themselves: within four weeks of the game’s release, 66% of the client’s full year’s sales objective was reached. 

During a live campaign, mobile and prOOH working together further unlocks a host of direct and measurable performance-based metrics. PrOOH truly bridges across both brand-led and performance-based campaigns - evidenced by the fact that 52% of agency and advertisers state that prOOH is important for brand-led campaigns, and 55% state that it is important for performance-led campaigns (VIOOH SOTN 2020). 

Metrics such as the click-through rate on a specific mobile ad geo-targeted to users who have been exposed to a prOOH ad, the use of special promo or QR codes integrated through the prOOH creative and actioned via mobile and the ability to track the number of users who followed a specific code in a personal device are just some of the functionalities made possible by bringing the two mediums together. 

Finally, in the post-campaign stage, the granular metrics afforded by bringing mobile and prOOH together really shine, with mobile providing the performance-led, tangible metrics that enhance a successful prOOH campaign. For example, a campaign we worked on with Virgin Active and Amnet utilising retargeting on mobile and prOOH throughout the day showed that post-campaign, there was a 2.35% footfall uplift to specific Virgin Gym locations as well as a 23% YoY increase in club-walk ins.

So, advertisers can make use of this boon of data to create more effective campaigns than ever before. We believe that mobile and prOOH are truly the power couple of the digital advertising world, and it couldn’t be easier to plan your multichannel campaign with us and our partners today. 

Download our pdf guide here. 

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