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5 minute read | November 8, 2023

VIOOH-JCDecaux partner to launch programmatic sales in Portugal

Written By: Helen Miall

6 November 2023, Lisbon

JCDecaux launches programmatic sales for Digital Out-Of-Home in Portugal, via the VIOOH Trading Manager real-time platform

JCDecaux, the world's leading outdoor advertising company, today announced the launch of its Programmatic Digital Out-Of-Home (prDOOH) offer for the Portuguese market, powered by VIOOH, the leading premium global digital out of (DOOH) home supply-side platform (SSP).

PrDOOH is now available to buy across 428 of JCDecaux Portugal's high-definition digital screens, representing two-thirds (65%) of JCDecaux's digital inventory, from north to south of the country. These include roadside screens as well as in indoor shopping malls and airports. This initiative will connect advertisers and media buyers to premium advertising inventory via VIOOH Trading Manager, the real-time programmatic platform connected to over 40 leading global demand side platforms (DSPs). 

Advertisers will also be able to leverage JCDecaux’s Airport Audience Measurement (AAM), the first international industry standard that offers standardised global metrics of airport audiences, to optimise their campaign budget for maximum impact through data-led buying decisions across 36 of the world's largest airports, including London Heathrow, Singapore and Shanghai.

Automating the purchase of digital media based on impressions via programmatic buying and managing it in real-time offers brands high levels of flexibility and efficiency control for advertisers. prDOOH also allows advertisers access to new metrics, the use of audience and targeting data and easy integration with other media channels at the point of purchase. It is anticipated that programmatic buying will revolutionise the DOOH landscape in Portugal, enabling advertisers to communicate more flexibly and effectively, and deliver more targeted and therefore more relevant messages to consumers.

JCDecaux Portugal has appointed Pedro Viegas to the position of Head of Programmatic, a strategic leadership position that focuses on implementing and optimising programmatic sales strategies. Viegas will play a key role in the modernisation, transformation and optimisation of JCDecaux Portugal's digital advertising operations, with the aim of increasing the growth, efficiency and effectiveness of programmatic campaigns. Prior to joining JCDecaux Portugal, Viegas spent over 27 years working as an Account Director in media agencies Mindshare and Starcom. He joined JCDecaux's Business & Product Development department in 2021, where he monitored and evaluated trends in the OOH, media and communications industry.

Philippe Infante, Managing Director of JCDecaux Portugal, said: "Programmatic is growing more and more in the digital spectrum around the world, allowing for the aggregation of omnichannel information from all digital communication channels and now also from OOH. Programmatic buying/selling will be a real turning point in outdoor advertising planning, enabling the sector to act with precision and agility, using audience segmentation through different types of data, and corresponding to specific objectives. These new elements will provide greater flexibility in the purchase of space and will also provide opportunities to sell OOH to a new set of brands, particularly those with smaller budgets and digital natives."

Gavin Wilson, Global Chief Customer and Revenue Officer at VIOOH said, “We’re proud to partner with JCDecaux to launch prDOOH offering in our twentieth market, across over 400 digital screens in Portugal. It’s a great moment for both local and global advertisers looking to tap into the unique yet tried and tested benefits delivered by prDOOH. Combining JCDecaux’s premium inventory with VIOOH’s programmatic capabilities will enable more advertisers operating both locally in Portugal as well as global inbound demand to create highly targeted, flexible and measurable campaigns across the country.” 


VIOOH is a leading premium global digital out of home supply-side platform.
Launched in 2018 and with headquarters in London, VIOOH’s platform connects buyers and sellers in a premium marketplace, making OOH easily accessible.
Led by a team of digital OOH and programmatic tech experts, VIOOH is pioneering the transformation of the OOH sector, championing its role in enhancing omni-channel digital campaigns through the use of programmatic capabilities and data. VIOOH currently trades programmatically in 20 markets, with more to follow. 
For more information about VIOOH, please visit or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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