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7 minute read | August 30, 2022

Partner Spotlight: Meet Yahoo

Written By: Emma Motha

For this month's spotlight, we caught up with Stephanie Gutnik, Global Head of DOOH at Yahoo, to find out what they have been up to and discussed how programmatic will be a priority for them over the next year. Read the full interview below and find out more about some of the exciting projects we're working on together.


1. Tell us about Yahoo and your job role there?

Yahoo is a global media and tech company. And with our Microsoft Partnership, we’re currently the #2 ranked U.S. digital media company with over 500M unique global visitors.* Our independent ad tech stack serves both the buy and sell sides. I overseeboth components for DOOH internationally, managing the company’s DOOH strategy, product, sales and marketing, positioning it as an effective complement to the other media we service. I’m most satisfied when clients use our platform to activate innovative campaigns incorporating DOOH in a way that informs and delights audiences and drives results for the buyer.

2. What’s it like working with VIOOH as a partner?

VIOOH is a hands-on partner that’s always looking to move the needle for us. The team provides excellent service at a global level, working on everything from regional campaigns to those that cross borders. VIOOH’s supply is also in demand from omnichannel clients, with premium JCDecaux roadside and airport inventory, in particular, being a draw.


3. What projects are you most excited about working with VIOOH?

We’re excited about VIOOH’s expansion to include more supply vendors, formats, countries, and a project we’re working with them on omnichannel measurement. A quick note to buyers who’d like to participate in this project, we’re still accepting new campaigns. Please reach out to VIOOH to learn more – and stay tuned for the results!


4. As a DSP, what are your predictions for the future of digital out of home in the next couple of years? And where does programmatic fit in? 

Consumers’ media use is evolving, and advertisers must align with this reality. Cord-cutting is old news, but the synergies between CTV and DOOH have barely been tapped. I see a big opportunity here. CTV and DOOH are not interchangeable, but they’re complementary when engaging with audiences at scale. Like CTV, place-based DOOH displays are video-enabled, can accommodate CTV-length assets and can sometimes include audio. Unlike CTV, these public-facing displays reach consumers on the go and in an active mindset.

Programmatically, activating the same (or similar) assets on CTV and video-enabled DOOH in the same user interface is easy, with reporting and measurement ready to evaluate performance. DOOH acts as a primer for CTV. Our re-engagement solution enables advertisers to reconnect with consumers by blending in-home and out-of-home contexts. This  omnichannel effort extends the campaign’s message and strengthens an ad’s impact on the consumer.

5. How much of a priority is programmatic digital OOH for Yahoo this year?

Emerging channels, including DOOH, are a high priority for Yahoo. We're committed to helping our clients engage with audiences in thoughtful ways. Proof of this is our investment in DOOH solutions that enable advertisers to activate DOOH with the same benefits as any other programmatic channel so that DOOH is more addressable and measurable. For example, our Audience Indexing solution gives advertisers a more data-driven way to target screens that index higher for their desired audiences. Advertisers can leverage Yahoo proprietary data, their first-party data, or third-party data to dynamically deliver relevancy to meet consumers in real-world moments where they make decisions and take action.


6. Can you share with us a successful client campaign story that you’ve worked on with us that showcases the power of programmatic?

We ran a DOOH campaign for Sephora in Spain that retargeted exposed audiences across native. We were in 300 locations and had more than 1 million impressions in just seven days. The campaign demonstrates the power of using DOOH as a primer in an omnichannel campaign, helping consumers along the path to purchase, which is especially relevant for CPG and retail.


7. Anything else you’d like to share? 

One challenge I often hear from advertisers and agencies is around the creative development complexity required for DOOH. Due to non-standard ad sizes and a wide range of formats, it can be daunting. However, with a savvy team, resizing and adopting best practices for DOOH creative is straightforward. The Yahoo Creative Studios team offers end-to-end creative consultation and can easily transform existing digital assets into those that shine on DOOH screens of all sizes. 


Find out more about Yahoo and their advertising technology solutions here.

*Comscore Media Metrix ® Multi-Platform, Total Audience, Custom-defined Top 100 properties including Yahoo (and Microsoft Partnership), Total Unique Visitors/Viewers, June 2022, U.S.

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