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2 minute read | March 31, 2022

Partner Spotlight: Meet Adomni

Written By: Emma Motha



Continuing our partner spotlight series, this month we sat down with Nic Babb, SVP Product at Adomni, a leading programmatic digital out of home (DOOH) advertising platform that enables advertisers to build and launch DOOH campaigns.

Below Nic shares with us his role at Adomni, what it’s like working with VIOOH as a partner, and some exciting plans they have in the pipeline for this year. 

1.  Tell us a little about Adomni and your job role there?

Adomni is a programmatic advertising platform that easily connects brands with on-the-go consumers via real-world digital screens. Advertisers can target audiences using mobile location data and launch campaigns in minutes, using one of the largest DOOH networks in the world.

Currently, the Adomni platform offers access to over 70 billion monthly impressions on hundreds of thousands of digital screens across the U.S, Canada, EMEA and APAC.

The key part of my role is managing the product team at Adomni and overseeing integrations with supply partners, such a VIOOH, to enable new sources of programmatic DOOH inventory for our buyers.

2. What’s it like working with VIOOH as a partner?

VIOOH is a critical addition to our platform and unlocks premium DOOH inventory in the U.S. and internationally. This includes exclusive access to inventory from media owners such as JCDecaux, sold through a programmatic ad exchange. 

The VIOOH team has been a pleasure to work with and they have supported us every step along the way.

3. What projects are you most excited about working with VIOOH?

We're working closely with VIOOH to onboard international inventory and support our international growth plans and working to keep VIOOH’s inventory up-to-date in real-time with VIOOH's upcoming screens API. 

We also have plans to incorporate programmatic guaranteed into more campaign plans. Watch this space!

4. What can we look forward to seeing in 2022 from Adomni?

It’s a busying and exciting year for us! You can look forward to seeing huge growth in programmatic buying for outside of the U.S. along with improved multi-currency support. 

We also have campaigns featuring dynamic content and utilizing data feeds such as sports, weather, and crypto. And Lastly, self-service availability of Safegraph’s 6.2M POIs for inventory targeting.

5. As a DSP, what are your predictions for the future of digital out of home in the next couple of years? And where does programmatic fit in? 

We're continuing to see the shift from digital into programmatic DOOH, with buyers having an increased preference to transition from static/direct buys to programmatic, for flexibility and enhanced reporting. Alongside this shift, we expect to see audience targeting and measurement maturing and bring more buyers into programmatic DOOH.

We're also expecting to see an increase in dynamic creatives with data feeds and event triggers making campaigns more effective.

If you would like to discover more about Adomni you can visit their website here.


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