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5 minute read | February 28, 2022

Partner Spotlight: Meet Displayce

Written By: Diu Hoang

Earlier this month, we sat down with one of our partners, Displayce, a French demand-side platform (DSP) specialising in digital out of home (DOOH). Below Displayce discuss what they do, how they work with VIOOH and their plans for 2022 - including how they are planning to make dynamic creative optimisation available for each market covered by VIOOH. 
1. Who are Displayce?

With a worldwide premium real-time bidding (RTB) inventory and access to exclusive guaranteed French Inventory, Displayce gives impact to branding campaigns. 

Displayce has developed state-of-the-art features dedicated to DOOH that make it easy to buy in RTB, activate triggers (traffic, pollution, weather and more), and optimise campaigns in real-time thanks to dedicated algorithms. The efficiency of DOOH campaigns are measured via uplifts on branding KPIs and footfall metrics.

Comprising a 20 plus DOOH trading experts team, one of Displayce’s main goals is to provide great support for their clients: from defining the media plan to the optimisation of campaigns and providing reports.

2. What's it been like working with VIOOH?

We have been working with VIOOH since 2019. As a DOOH specialist, we were at the forefront of the first RTB campaigns and faced all of the challenges that come with launching in a new market together with VIOOH. 

Today, we run campaigns in seven countries through VIOOH (France, Belgium, Switzerland, UK, Germany, Netherlands, and the US), and we are very excited to open in further markets together.

A key benefit of working with VIOOH having access to a premium inventory present in top markets all around the world. We also appreciate working with VIOOH for their responsiveness and their customer service. Our account managers actively listen to our requests, allowing us to ensure prompt delivery of our campaigns.


3. What can we look forward to seeing in 2022?

In 2022, we plan to make Dynamic Content Optimisation (DCO) available for each market covered by VIOOH. Dynamic Content Optimisation offers advertisers several benefits, including a gain of productivity, live personalisation and increased performance. 

We ran our first DCO campaign in Belgium with VIOOH for the brand bwin, and we would like to make this available to every market and every advertiser, regardless of budget. (You can check out the bwin case study here.)

We also plan to enrich VIOOH assets declaration, particularly by providing high precision forecasts that will make use of audience data describing socio-demographics, age groups, socio-professional categories, interests, place visits, purchase habits and more.


If you would like to discover more about Displayce you can visit their website here. 


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