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2 minute read | June 21, 2023

VIOOH launches the State of the Nation of Programmatic DOOH 2023 report for mainland China

Written By: Helen Miall

The first-ever programmatic DOOH research for mainland China outlines the understanding and development of programmatic DOOH in 2023.


VIOOH, the leading premium global digital out of home (DOOH) supply-side platform, launches the mainland China version of “Programmatic DOOH 2023- State of the Nation” report, together with Marketing Research, aimed at bringing up-to-date insight for the current development and future trends towards the local industry.

Following the 2022 State of the Nation report in the UK, US, Australia, Germany, and France, VIOOH partnered with China’s Morketing Research Institute to survey targeting advertisers, media agencies, and research institutions to understand the industry's current views on programmatic DOOH and its position in brand omni-channel marketing strategies. Through in-depth industry insights, this report outlines the development of programmatic DOOH in the mainland China market.

With the fading negative impact of the pandemic and the recovery of offline scenarios, advertisers are naturally refocusing on outdoor advertising. Advertisers have increasingly demanding requirements for precision targeting, which has led to the fast development of programmatic DOOH worldwide. According to the latest data from, the overall market value for programmatic DOOH will reach 4.5b USD in 2027.

Compared to the global market, the development of programmatic DOOH in mainland China is still in its early stages, yet due to the increasing demand for precision and flexibility, programmatic is accelerating the empowerment of the DOOH market in mainland China.


The State of Play - Current adoption of programmatic DOOH

According to the research results, in 2022, 24% of advertisers and agencies have already invested in programmatic DOOH. However, compared to the 51% adoption rate in global markets (including the UK, US, Australia, Germany, and France) last year, programmatic DOOH in mainland China is still in its infancy.

Programmatic DOOH within multi-channel strategies

Programmatic trading is enabling DOOH to achieve both branding and performance objectives. When considering multi-channel campaigns, most advertisers consider social media as the most likely pairing for programmatic DOOH, as a supplement to online channels. Secondly, digital audio and lift/building advertising have outstanding synergistic effects in terms of performance and branding when paired with programmatic DOOH, extending reach.

Defining the new landscape - Expected demand for programmatic DOOH

According to research, nearly 40% of campaigns in the mainland China market are expected to include programmatic DOOH this year. Over 40% of the media professionals also indicated that they would increase the budget for programmatic DOOH in 2023. 

Overcoming barriers to adoption - More widespread understanding of programmatic DOOH

Compared to the international market's demand for practical aspects like the use of data, ROI indicators, and cross-channel attribution, the mainland China market is more focused on the foundational understanding of programmatic DOOH, including insights, training, and case studies. Advertisers in China also need more tangible indicators to increase their perceived value of programmatic DOOH. 

You can download the full report at

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