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1 minute read | June 16, 2021

Why do programmatic OOH and mobile work well together?

Written By: Diu Hoang

Watch our latest animation to learn about how programmatic OOH and mobile work well together


With digital out-of-home now being bought programmatically on the same platform as other digital media channels, comes an opportunity for OOH to be aligned with other digital channels but also for these channels to work together to create supercharged campaigns using the same audience data. This means greater accuracies and synergies across the datasets, creating the ultimate brand experience.

With 52% of agencies and advertisers stating that programmatic OOH is important for brand-led campaigns, and 55% stating that it is important for performance-led campaigns, mobile creates the opportunity to enhance these performance metrics. Bringing the two mediums together should be considered for the ultimate multi-channel campaign.

Watch the animation below and find out how advertisers can benefit from bringing mobile and programmatic OOH together to deliver the ultimate brand experience. 



To see mobile and programmatic OOH campaigns in action, visit the Case Studies section of the VIOOH website. If you’d like to get in touch with someone to discuss your next campaign, e-mail:

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